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My Works

Katie’s Wish

Katie mutters “except the potatoes” when Grand Da blesses “ the food we eat.” Guilt follows when the potatoes turn rotten and famine sweeps Ireland. Katie’s story of longing, forgiveness and spunk will warm the heart of anyone who has even fretted over saying the wrong thing or yearned heart-hard for something.

The Knight Who Was Afraid of the Dark

Sir Fred is “knee-bumping, heart thumping” afraid of the dark, which gets in the way of his goal, to win Lady Wendylyn. American Bookseller Pick of the Lists, IRA-CBC Children’s Choice and also a musical version. “Strong characters of both sexes”
-School Library Journal.

Where Do Bears Sleep?

Young children are interested in animals and fascinated by the fact that they do many of the same things. Informative, comforting and imaginative, this is a book to lead to settled-down sleep, to recite, love and be part of bedtime ritual.