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Where Do Bears Sleep?

Excerpt 1:
Where do bears sleep? In a den.
Where do pigs sleep? In a pen.
Sheep sleep in a fold when it is cold.
They sleep in the field when it is hot.
Chickens and turkeys rest in a roost.
They like a high dry spot.
Horses sleep in stalls in stables.
Hoot owls rest on roof-top gables.
Cats curl in corners, huddle by doors
sleep in heaps on sun-streaked floors
and on the tops of radiators.
Dogs sniff and stretch and paw the ground,
then yawn and s l o w l y turn around
before they finally settle down.
A bee rests her buzz in a honeycomb cell,
a bee is too busy to rest but a spell……..

Excerpt 2:
But lucky you! You lay your head
on a pillow soft on a little boy bed,
with covers to warm you and tuck you in tight
your prayers all said and a small night light,
and Teddy beside you to keep you from fright,
and Mother and Daddy to kiss you goodnight.
Goodnight. Goodnight. Shhhhhhh. Sleep tight.